Squad Members Go After Biden For Being ‘Silent’ On Minnesota Oil Pipeline

Another pipeline makes headlines as the Minnesota Line 3 pipeline is almost complete, and Democrats lose their minds. It wouldn’t have been justified to speak out against the pipeline while it was being built. Still, as the pipeline reaches the 90% completion mark, “the squad,” or at least four members, stand in solidarity with others that oppose the pipeline.

The pipeline has already diverted around the Leer Lake Tribe and runs from Canada through North Dakota and Wisconsin. Tribal politics have opposed pipelines for as long as they have been built, but the reality is that pipelines are necessary. Pipeline work has employed hundreds of thousands of Americans throughout history. Pipelines have been a target of climate change activists across the nation. Still, they don’t understand that if America doesn’t have oil independence, we will have to import oil, which would cause the climate crisis to escalate.

The United States federal policies have restricted emissions on all American businesses, which has caused many corporations to take their operations overseas where they’re less restricted. If the climate activists cared about the climate, they would want energy independence in our country to regulate emissions and standards. Still, all they want is cleaner air for themselves, not the world population.

Americans see things as relative to their environment. If a pipeline ran through their backyard but were clean and regulated, then they would protest. Still, if we imported oil from sketchy sources that had much less regulation on their emissions and output, then climate activists would be happier with it. It’s wholly backward and insulting to the world population.

So, you can be assured that these protests are out of selfish desires rather than authenticity. The actual demonstration would be for foreign dependence on trade.

“The squad” also went after President Joe Biden because he’s been silent about the pipeline.

Politics generally base their straightforward language on polls. Biden was disliked mainly for his decision on the Keystone XL pipeline, and his administration probably told him to stay silent with this one. Plus, the pipeline is almost complete, but that’s not the point.

Biden’s administration is worried about their image and rating. Biden’s rating is below 40%, and it’s not getting better. The Supreme Court has been going after Biden for many things, including the eviction moratorium, making Biden reinstate the “remain in Mexico” policy. Biden doesn’t have a choice but to keep his mouth shut.

Ayanna Pressley said, “We are here to be more than allies. We are here to be intentional accomplices and co-conspirators in the work of justice,” speaking to indigenous protesters. I go back to my other point; they don’t care.

Ilhan Omar piped up and said, “The state of Minnesota simply cannot meet our carbon reduction targets if this pipeline goes through,” but what she’s saying is, my backyard is more critical than other backyards. It’s selfish.

The pipeline hasn’t been stopped, so they need to go home and think of other things to complain about.