‘Squatter Hunter’ Building Army To Save Homeowners Across The Country

Flash Shelton, popularly known as the ‘Squatter Hunter,’ is rallying a nationwide force to combat squatters invading homes. Shelton, who adopts unconventional methods to drive out squatters, revealed his plan to expand his team, primarily composed of ex-law enforcement members, to respond to cases across multiple states.

“We are going anywhere and everywhere to take care of these squatters,” Shelton stated, emphasizing the growing demand for his services from homeowners facing squatter invasions across states like Tennessee, California, and Georgia.

“Most of the people that I’ve talked to, they’ve spent $20,000 to $30,000 in attorney fees, and they still have a squatter,” he said, adding: “It’s kind of this thing where if you’re lucky and get your squatter out [through the courts], it’s in six months or eight months.”

“I have some [homeowners] in New York that have spent over $100,000 over a year, and they still have a squatter, and they’re reaching out to me,” Shelton continued.

The issue of squatting, while prevalent, often goes unreported and lacks comprehensive data. Shelton, charging fees ranging from consultation to direct intervention, has seen a surge in requests for his services, with homeowners spending exorbitant amounts on legal fees without success.

Shelton’s strategy involves coordinating with law enforcement to ensure safety before confronting squatters, utilizing negotiation tactics, and, if necessary, physically moving in with squatters to pressure them to vacate. His methods, which include installing surveillance cameras and feigning involvement in a reality show, have proven highly effective in convincing squatters to leave.

“I tell them: ‘I’m going to expose you and I’m going to make you squatter famous…Google me, look at my YouTube, look at my subscribers. I’m going to expose you, your family, your life, everything about you, your job, your social media,” he said. “Everyone’s going to know that you’re squatting. And every landlord in the country is going to know your face, your name, and you’re going to be exposed and they’re not going to rent to you.”
“People kind of want to get away as fast as possible, and they don’t want to be seen,” Shelton added.

Despite the risks involved, Shelton remains undeterred, relying on his background in de-escalation tactics to handle potentially volatile situations. He aims to train supervisors in different locations to enable independent operations, reducing costs for homeowners and increasing efficiency in addressing squatting incidents.

The success rate of Shelton’s approach is nearly 100%, demonstrating the effectiveness of his methods in dealing with squatters and reclaiming homes for homeowners.

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