State Of The Union Address Failures

President Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address was the worst that’s been heard in our lifetime. Instead of outlining everything that he’s done, which is slim to nothing, Biden talked about everything he would get done. Does that sound like a champion move one year into Biden’s presidency? Not at all. What Biden did was outline everything that might be needed for him to get elected. It turns out that Biden is already the President of the United States and doesn’t need to run again, at least not now.

There’s a massive problem in the world. The US leadership is so weak that other major powers in the world believe that they can do whatever they want to and for now, they’re acting on that desire. Biden didn’t mention the withdrawal from Afghanistan, which proves that so many Republicans were correct in condemning Biden’s actions during the withdrawal. If the withdrawal were such an accomplishment, then Biden would have shouted it from the rooftop. Still, everyone ignored it besides Lauren Boebert (R-CO), who called Biden out during the address to remind him that 13 military members were killed because of his actions.

Biden’s gaffes were hilarious as well. Biden said, “Putin may circle Kyiv with tanks, but he will never gain the hearts and souls of the Iranian people.” Vice President Kamala Harris was sitting behind Biden within camera view, and she mouthed “Ukraine” in disappointment. Harris would be disappointed by Biden’s actions or words would be hypocritical. Harris has done little to nothing with the southern border she was in charge of and lied about visiting the border.

The White House left out the gaffe from their remarks.

Biden also said that we have to get stronger on the southern border. Since when?

Biden has almost single-handedly opened the southern border with record numbers of illegal immigrants crossing the border in 2021. That’s not working.

Biden also noted that there’s no wall big enough to stop COVID-19?

Biden also bumped foreheads with a female at the event, ruling out the idea that COVID-19 is a terrible virus spreading like wildfire. Mask guidance had just changed before the SOTU address, which means that everyone would have had to wear masks just a few weeks ago. It’s a double standard for children to wear masks in schools the next day, but our president can put his face in someone else’s with no recourse.

This entire administration has been a total disaster from top to bottom and inside the White House. They’re more divided than they seem on the outside. Nobody is on the same page and Biden can’t seem to get on his page. The double standards and the blaming nature of the Biden administration are causing a greater divide for the American people.