State Troopers Bust Smuggled-In Illegal Immigrant Semi-Truck

Third-world conditions in a first-world country are unacceptable, period. Law Enforcement at the border has worked tirelessly to try and manage Joe Biden’s administration decision at the border, but when is enough?

Texas State Troopers discovered a semi-truck with 105 illegal immigrants tightly packed inside. The driver, Michael Warren McCoy, was arrested and booked into jail for human trafficking. When the Democrats come to power and allow crime to flourish like wildfire, it’s a slap in the face to the legal system and efforts to curb corruption.

There is glaring hypocrisy with the left. The federal government is smuggling illegal immigrants across the country and getting paid for it using tax dollars, but with that example of behavior, wouldn’t it be acceptable for semi-truck drive trucks to be allowed to do the same? Or, is it okay for the government to conduct themselves in one way, but the public has different standards? The Biden administration would save the taxpayer money if they just hired McCoy to smuggle all the illegal immigrants and left the federal government out of it. Most times, when illegal immigrants come across the border and use semi-trucks or other means to come into the country, it’s because of previous criminal activity, gang affiliation, or other criminal activities that they’ve been flagged.

In all reality, neither should be acceptable. Both instances are reprehensible and expensive, and I, as well as you, don’t want to pay for it, and why should we have to? Yes, humanitarian efforts are essential, but that’s not what this is. The left wants more Democrat voters and fewer voter laws so they can stay in power as long as possible. It’s getting unbearable.

Biden’s administration has enabled these concerns to reach unprecedented heights. It has nothing to do with the human condition, according to the author. They would allow people to be injured and even killed while attempting to enter the United States, not to mention sexual and physical assault by smugglers on the route.

In the end, it appears that the Biden administration has all of these plans mapped out and is executing them before our eyes. Governor Abbott and many other Texas representatives aren’t doing anything about it. Southwest Keys Program exploits tragedy for financial gain, and federal agents are getting arrested for sexual abuse charges.

Illegal migrants are allowed to enter the country without getting screened for Covid-19 or other rapidly spreading infections. Simultaneously, the Biden administration recommends that local companies and communities employ Vaccine Passports to ensure public health.