Students Praise Kamala Harris But Can’t Name A Single Achievement

When you apply for a job, the resume includes achievements and previous positions where you excelled and made a difference in the company. According to President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris has no great accomplishments or qualifications besides her skin color.

Every American knows that Harris was picked because she is a Black and Indian American. She was one of the first Democrat candidates to get kicked off the debate stage and has been embarrassed by reporters and even her actions on multiple occasions.

So, what do Americans think of Harris? They don’t like her and aren’t confident in her ability to lead our country. Harris has destroyed our southern border confidence and hasn’t done anything to help. She was put in charge of the southern border, but she hasn’t done her job.

According to Statistica, 42% of Americans approve of Harris (22% very favorable and 22% somewhat fortunate) and 48% unapproved (10% somewhat unfavorable and 38% very unfavorable) while 10% aren’t sure of their position. The months to come will determine whether Harris will gain the 10% or lose the 10%.

When asked why people support Harris, you likely won’t get a solid answer, but when you ask why people don’t like her, you’ll get some good answers.

Even Democrats who don’t like Harris bring up her record as Attorney General of California as an issue. Many have noted that her policies negatively affected Black Americans disproportionately to White Americans. That’s Harris’ most significant downfall. She’s cocky and refuses to take responsibility for her actions. If she owned up to her mistakes and explained why she made her decisions, Americans would cope with them and move forward.

Harris usually laughs her way through press conferences and questions, and if she isn’t, she acts earnest. Her staff has quit, and many have expressed concern with her aggressive attitude in her leadership style. Though it seems to be a good idea to impeach Biden, maybe impeaching Harris at the same time would be a good idea.

Trump is sincerely missed. Americans are regretting their decisions to vote for Biden if he even won in the first place. Election audits are still ongoing, and hopefully, they will show that Trump was the actual winner. Though Trump may not be sworn in, the future of voting will be sincerely altered and re-visited. He may have lighter skin, but he is a far better and stronger president, and his government took care of business on the global stage.