Sunny Hostin Ridiculously Accuses Tucker Carlson Of ‘Doxing’ Her

Sunny Hostin of ABC’s gabfest “The View” accused Fox News host Tucker Carlson of “doxing” her, leading to her having to take security precautions such as having gates and cameras protecting her person and property.

“Doxing” is the act of spreading identifying and highly personal information about a person with the likely intent of causing paranoia for their safety and even actual harm.

If that were the case, Carlson could face legal and perhaps professional consequences for the alleged actions.

Only, the truth appears to be anything but what Hostin alleges.

Breitbart conducted an extensive search of Carlson’s archives, and his only mention of her home apparently came on March 21, 2021. His reference coincided with mockery of those in Congress who benefit from security but advocate for gun control.

Carlson noted that Hostin undoubtedly has a bodyguard and lives in a “10-bedroom, 10-bath mansion.” He then noted that she said she feels “held hostage” because she owns a gun.

Hostin was shown in a video from “The View” railing against those who call themselves patriots and exercise their 2nd Amendment rights. She declared, “you are not a patriot. You should be taking care of your fellow Americans.”

Which, of course, is exactly what many law-abiding gun owners do regularly.

Carlson called her out for lecturing “selfish” gun owners for holding her hostage in an “increasingly chaotic and dangerous” environment.

Hostin, as a guest on a podcast earlier this month, accused Carlson of disseminating “my home address” and claimed to “now” have security. That claim is rich in irony considering a 2018 People magazine feature that featured a video tour of her residence.

The magazine gave very specific details about the estate in Purchase, New York. It was built for former NY Gov. Herbert H. Lehman, as if that’s not enough of a clue of the exact location. People described it as a “palatial estate.”

Doxing can be a serious and dangerous practice, but Hostin offered not one shred of evidence that Carlson did what she claimed. Instead, her own decision to open her doors to a national magazine — including for a video tour — rebutted her argument entirely.