Taliban Forms Alliance With A ‘Major Superpower’

Remember when the Taliban wasn’t murdering Afghans on the street? Remember when Afghan women could dress how they wanted to and not cover their entire bodies? That’s no longer a reality. The Taliban have gone back on nearly every promise they made about being an inclusive and accepting government and has partnered with China.

According to Zabiullah Mujahid, a Taliban spokesperson, China is the Taliban’s way into the world market. Mujahid said that the Taliban’s relationship with China has been vital in the past and that the

Taliban wants to strengthen that relationship again. But, nobody is surprised by this move since China was the first world leader to say that they recognize the Taliban as a political power. China would love to capitalize on the resources in Afghanistan. Oil, opium, and rare earth minerals account for around 1.4 million cubic tons. The rare earth minerals are cerium, lanthanum, praseodymium, and neodymium. Each has specific purposes, but praseodymium and neodymium are used in the production of electric cars.

The Chinese government is currently imprisoning Uyghurs Muslims, and the Taliban is partnering with them. The Taliban have similar practices with Christians, but, interestingly, the Taliban partnership with the Chinese seems unlikely due to the level of drought Muslim faith the Taliban share. It’s an exciting dynamic that might not last.

President Joe Biden has already weakened his world appearance and eroded the trust that United States allies have for us, so Biden taking any threat or action will fall on deaf ears. Taiwan is adamant that it will remain independent from China, but recent air training from the Chinese military proves that China doesn’t want that to happen. “Control” is the magic word.

What will Biden do to respond to the new partnership? Nothing. Biden knows he’s compromised in many areas surrounding his son, Hunter Biden. Hunter’s previous and possibly current drug addiction compromised Hunter and Joe Biden’s image with Russia and Ukraine, which may now include China. Still, Hunter’s art deal is anonymous. The White House and Biden’s administration play dangerous games with the Biden’s, and the ramifications will be detrimental.

Hunter’s art is selling for up to $500,000 apiece, and the Biden administration developed ethical standards, but Hunter met with potential buyers before selling the artwork. How is that ethical at all? It seems that anyone could get into bed with the Biden’s, especially Hunter if you’re a Ukrainian hooker, and 10% can go to the big guy.

To recap Joe Biden’s behavior, he waived sanctions on Russia’s pipeline, shut down the Keystone XL pipeline in the U.S., exited Afghanistan with the Taliban in control, and left Americans behind. The withdrawal date was September 11th, 2021 but got changed to August 31st, 2021, so it goes to show that Biden has been bowing down to the Taliban before and will probably do so moving forward.