Taylor Lorenz Reassigned – All Work Must Be Reviewed

The New York Times said controversial Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz was yanked from features and now resides with the technology staff. Also, her work must be reviewed by a senior editor in the wake of a series of errors.

This continues a turbulent series of events for the Jeff Bezos-owned publication.

Democracy may die in darkness, as the Post likes to proclaim. But newspapers die when their abject bias and internal silliness makes them an object of ridicule.

The Times, Lorenz’ former employer, reported the move comes in the wake of a recent story needing factual errors corrected twice. The Lorenz feature spotlighted social media influencers who profited from the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard defamation trial.

The story claimed Lorenz “reached out” to a pair of people who flatly denied they were contacted. A second error wrongly attributed a statement to Depp’s representative. The story was stealth-edited before the Post put an official correction beneath the report.

In a series of tweets, the reporter threw her editor under the bus for the mistakes. That editor, who was allegedly responsible for the stealth-editing, is said to have lost a pending promotion last week.

Lorenz left the New York Times earlier this year and criticized the paper on the way out the door for not being able to “deal with talent” such as she has.

She also cryptically told an interviewer that the Times could not cope with how she utilizes “the internet as a modern internet person.”

Lorenz recently was accused of “doxxing” the owner of the conservative Twitter account “Libs of TikTok.” To “dox” someone is to expose private details online, usually with ill intentions. Her piece in the Post listed personal work details and a private address for the account owner.

The Post is just now picking up the pieces from a childish internal war that saw a reporter suspended for a month over a crude joke. This was followed by fellow reporter Felicia Sonmez unleashing a scorched earth attack on her employers and colleagues over a laundry list of grievances.

Sonmez was fired.

The venerable newspaper of Woodward and Bernstein somehow became the home of Lorenz and Sonmez. For a media outlet that thrives on unearthing other people’s trash, their own is getting strewn everywhere for the world to see.