Teachers’ Union Assembling ‘Enemies List’

The National Education Association (NEA) is using its considerable power as the nation’s largest labor union to react to parental backlash against leftist “woke education” and critical race theory programs to put together an “enemies list.”

At its Annual Meeting and Representative Assembly in Chicago last week, the union passed a resolution that will direct expansive research on the groups it claims oppose its most favored issues.

The “research” will reportedly cost more than $140,000. The resolution provides that the union will use the research to create “fact sheets” about the largest 25 groups that are “actively working to diminish students’ right to honesty in education, freedom of sexual and gender identity, and teacher autonomy.”

The fact sheets will be designed to assemble information on the identities of persons who the NEA believes to be working to “dismantle public education.” They will also list funding sources and other persons and organizations connected to the persons adverse to the union.

Parental advocacy organization Parents Defending Education representative Nicole Neily told Fox News on Thursday that the group is concerned that the most powerful and well-funded teachers’ union has ramped up its mobilization against its “enemies, otherwise known as parents.”

Neily added that the union’s policies are “deeply unpopular” with American parents and families. She said that she suspects they are also disfavored by much of its “rank and file membership,” meaning it must promote its leftist ideology through “bullying and intimidation.”

Retired NEA member Jeralee Smith said that the union’s radical platform “would make Marx and Lenin proud.” She said that the union is going beyond changing culture to “trying to change what it means to be human.” Smith added that means they should not be expected to tolerate anyone who doesn’t go along with their program.

In addition to the enemies list, the union also passed a resolution that aims to further modify the English language to fit leftist ideology by making it “LGBTQIA+ inclusive” in all educational settings.

For example, the resolution provides that “parental leave” should be used instead of “maternity leave,” “parent” should replace “mother” and “father,” and the ever-popular “birthing parent” should always be used instead of the female term, “mother.” Likewise, “father” is banished in favor of “non-birthing parent.”

NEA also resolved to create a “policy task force” to place the “intersectionality of climate justice and environmental racism at the center of all relevant conversations and business.”