Teachers’ Union President: ‘Right-Wing Extremists’ Undermining Education

Randi Weingarten, President of the American Federation of Teachers, has strong descriptions for parents concerned about leftist indoctrination in schools. They are “right-wing extremists.”

Nevermind that these are parents who want what’s best for their children without government bureaucrats pushing their agendas into the classroom. To Weingarten, they are simply trying to “undermine” teachers.

The head of the nation’s second-largest teachers’ union blasted parents who oppose teaching sexual orientation and gender identity to small children.

She painted their protests during her keynote address to the rank and file last week in Boston as being driven by “haters, the anti-public schools crowd, and the privatizers.” Weingarten charged that, as public schools are a “unifying American value,” extremists want to destroy them.

Her ranting targeted everyone from Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to former Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. Kids, she claimed without evidence, will not develop critical thinking skills and learn life lessons if those two and their supporters “get their way.”

She told the gathering of union teachers that parents’ desire to censor material out of books and lessons is a fight against “pluralism and diversity.”

Not content to stop there, Weingarten accused conservatives of sowing “fear and apathy.” In this way, she charged, they separate parents from educators.

Since she is such a strong advocate for critical thinking skills, has she considered that the parents may be right? It is possible that they are simply attempting to protect their children from values that are far removed from not only their family’s but also dozens of generations before them.

Interestingly, she went on to correctly claim that parents “want their kids to learn and to be safe.” Of course.

But be safe from what? As is becoming glaringly obvious across the nation, the idea of safety is to prevent government employees from passing radical ideas on to kids. That’s what children need protecting from, and dismissing parents as “extremists” tells much about the teachers’ union.

Interestingly, a poll commissioned by the teacher’s union this year showed that voters have more confidence — 39% to 38% — in Republicans over Democrats on education issues. So, exactly who needs protection from who?