Teachers Unions Are Not Winning Culture Wars

Teachers unions are taking more and more steps that incur the wrath of parents and alienate Americans as a whole.

As it turns out, teachers unions truly shot themselves in the foot by backing the lockdowns of schools in 2020 and 2021. Even when multiple vaccines for COVID-19 became available, teachers unions still came up with reasons to support keeping schools closed.

Now, it’s come out that school closures actually hurt children emotionally, socially, and developmentally, just as conservatives warned. To add to this, teachers’ unions remain deeply opposed to school choice options and tightly enmeshed with Democrats.

Now, a brand new poll shows that Americans are largely going in a different direction than the teachers’ unions.

Good News For Republicans
The American Federation of Teachers ran a poll that didn’t produce the results left-wing unions hoped for.

Data shows that in vital battleground states like Florida, Michigan, and Georgia, nearly five in ten voters plan to cast ballots for Republican candidates, rather than Democrats, This exists in both races for the US Senate and various 2022 governors elections.

Left-wing pollsters with Hart Research, on the other hand, sought to draw attention to a poll that shows Republicans having just a one-point lead over Democrats when it comes to education. However, the 39% vs. 38% difference only drives home the shift towards the GOP in education.

Just last year, Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R) won his election by focusing on the need for education of kids in the commonwealth. Youngkin’s message on parents’ rights to be engaged in their children’s learning even scored him the votes of people who backed Biden during the 2020 presidential election.

With more Democrats and teachers unions backing critical race theory and drag queens in schools, Democrats could very well see this 1% lead over Republicans vanish soon.

The Future of Education
With leftist gender ideologies being incorporated into various classrooms alongside drag queens and critical race theory, US culture wars have definitely bled into education.

To this day, teachers unions are joining Democrats in saying that exposing very young children to political and suggestive matters is appropriate. Parents who disagree with this are often called bigoted and even domestic terrorists.

Americans continue to make clear they won’t stand for teachers unions or Democrats using children as pawns or bargaining chips in political games.