Ted Cruz Blasts Lyin’ White House On Inflation

At this time, inflation is approaching the one-year mark. In May 2021, inflation truly became an issue in Americans’ lives. This was a direct and unfortunate consequence of Democrats spending like there’s no tomorrow and running up the national deficit.

Last month, the gravity of inflation reached a new level. Back in March, interest rates were increased by the Federal Reserve, dealing yet another economic blow to the middle class.

Anyone who is currently paying off a mortgage or other loans is going to have to lose even more money. Meanwhile, everything else around them is getting more and more expensive. Suffice it to say, it’s getting harder for everyday Americans to keep up.

As the nation deals with the fallout of inflation, the White House has habitually lied about this problem. Now, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is calling them out, according to Red State.

Debunking Biden’s Lies About Inflation

While speaking with Fox News host Sean Hannity, Cruz didn’t hesitate to call out the Biden administration for its repeated false narratives on inflation.

The first two lies claimed that inflation wasn’t taking place and later, that inflation was only happening in a “transitory” way. Needless to say, with month after month of higher prices, the reality that inflation was definitely happening (and not in a “transitory” manner) was more than obvious.

Next, Cruz held the White House’s feet to the fire for alleging that inflation was just a “high-class problem” and then even a good thing for today’s economy. Thus far, the Biden administration’s fifth and latest lie about inflation claims that Russia President Putin is the root cause.

Inflation existed in America months before the Russian president began attacking Ukraine and committing war crimes in the nation. Cruz pointed this out too, in addition to noting that an increase in gas prices also happened before Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

The Truth about Inflation and the White House

Later on, while speaking with Hannity, Cruz said the White House is not open to hearing anything about gas prices or inflation. According to the Texas senator, this administration is not capable of seeing reason and will continue with what it’s been doing.

This reality about inflation is why Congress needs far more Republican lawmakers in both the House and the Senate.

House and Senate majorities will give the GOP much more leverage to push back against Biden’s anti-American agendas and stop him from inflicting further harm.