Ted Cruz Drops Eric Swalwell And Ilhan Omar For Taking Aaron Rupar’s ‘Nazi Salutes’ Lie And Running With It

Ted Cruz (R-TX) has made a good name for himself by being very articulate in the Senate, and he has a great way of destroying almost anyone he goes up against. Members of the Senate and others often go after him and lie.

Ilhan Omar (D-MN) went after Cruz because she said he defended the Nazis. While pressing United States Attorney General Merrick Garland about his decision to have the FBI investigate school board incidents where parents are acting like “domestic terrorists.”

Omar said, “Ted Cruz just casually defending Nazis in a congressional hearing.”

The actual context of the accusation is much different. Cruz is asking Garland if a Nazi salute is protected under the first amendment? Garland said ‘yes.’ There was a reference in the accusations of parental action at school board meetings where a parent did the Nazi salute to insinuate that the school board was acting as the Nazis did. There was no defense of the Nazi ideology whatsoever.

Ilhan Omar used the United States, Israel, and Hamas as a comparison to each other. Maybe Omar should watch what she says.

Cruz did respond. He said:

That was taken WAY out of context. The least Omar could have done is clip the video to appear that Cruz was saying that, like many news outlets do.

The best is when Eric Swalwell (D-CA) responded. Cruz also lit him up.

Swalwell said, “Just Ted Cruz defending Nazis.”

Cruz responded and said:

Thank God somebody said it!

It’s a wonder that Swalwell was allowed to stay on the Intelligence Committee.