Ted Cruz Joins the US Freedom Convoy Trucker Protests

Say what you will about Republican Senator Ted Cruz, but he backs up what he says. He joined the driver in the lead truck of the trucker caravan surrounding Washington, D.C. this week, as the convoy spent its fourth day circling the Washington Beltway.

Ted Cruz visited Hagerstown, Maryland on Thursday where the trucker protest was being organized. The Republican senator helped bring some additional attention and credibility to the convoy which was inspired by the Canadian protests that garnered international support.

This is an opportunity to support the Freedom Convoy that finished a cross-country trip in D.C. to voice their opposition to oppressive COVID-19 measures. The Freedom Convoy is a parade that circled the Washington Beltway, a 64-mile expressway surrounding Washington, D.C.

Drivers in America planned to continue the Freedom Convoy. Along the way, support for the U.S. convoy was confirmed by crowds on bridges cheering them on, from highways from California to Virginia. Americans young and old joined the truckers by waving banners and loudly voicing their rejection of government tyranny.

Even fire trucks with formal firemen were flying the stars and stripes. Cranes suspending enormous American flags were seen from coast to coast and many hoisted Old Glory in a pledge to defend our freedom and liberty.

The Freedom Convey complied with local laws to obtain rest when they stopped every evening. Supply chains, logistical support, and strategic distribution arrangements were made by retired Naval Commander Ray Alexander.

Alexander planned military movements in the Mid-East and coordinated assets in the region. He magnanimously offered his time and expertise to protect areas according to city, state, and government authorities.

People who have faith in this country want to work. Truckers make this economy move. We want opportunity and freedom. And these truckers are the voice of millions of Americans who believe that now is the time to kick off our economy with no limitations on work, business or travel.

The protests have included blaring horns, waving American flags and dialing back traffic. No buildings have been burned and no shootings have been reported during this entirely peaceful protest.

The Truckers say they’re not going anyplace, and will stay on the 64-mile highway until legislators hear their complaints.