Ted Cruz Ruins Democrat Immigration Plans With A Single Statement

Over 40,000 illegal immigrants are expected to try to enter the United States southern border within the next month while President Joe Biden’s administration does nothing. Vice President Kamala Harris has hired new advisors to help her out because it seems that she’s so awful at her job that she can’t do one thing to try and fix the southern border.

When Harris made a pathetic speech in Guatemala, she expected it to be good enough. The Biden administration is just throwing their hands up and saying, “we tried,” but they need to take action.

Ted Cruz (R-TX) noted that there had been zero hearings on the southern border. Why wouldn’t there be hearing about the southern border? Because Democrats don’t want to fix it. They want to give as many people citizenship as possible, so when the 2022 mid-term elections and the 2024 presidential election come around, they can count on the votes of immigrants they let into the country. Former President Donald Trump got a more significant Latino vote in Texas (47%) and Florida (45%), so who knows what 2024 will hold.

Cruz shut down Democrat arguments about the border when he called them out for their hypocrisy. He said that the open southern border is happening during a public health crisis, but Democrats don’t have any time to worry about that. Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats aren’t worried about extensive tech censorship because Democrats are funded by big tech. Cruz pointed out that the Senate Judiciary Committee had four amnesty hearings this year. Still, no hearing about the disastrous southern border, and that’s the only focus for the Democrats and that the second focus is to intimidate the Supreme Court and Article 3 judges.

The Democrats have unanimously ignored the problem at the southern border, and mainstream media takes every opportunity to demonize Border Patrol Agents while taking up illegal immigrants coming into the United States. Mainstream Media argues that Republicans are racists because they don’t want many illegal immigrants to enter the United States, but it’s not that at all.

The problem is that taxpayers will inevitably have to pay for the influx of illegal immigrants when the situation could have been minimized if Democrats wanted to do something about it, but they don’t want to. The other issue is that Democrats continue to demonize the unvaccinated yet have no vaccine standards for immigrants who walk into the country. While Americans are getting fired from their job because they choose not to get the Covid-19 vaccine, Democrats are content with allowing illegal immigrants to swarm the country uninhibited without getting it.

Now, the Covid-19 vaccine should be optional. The suggestion isn’t to mandate the vaccine for everyone, but the hypocrisy inside the Democrat party is unbelievable. To suggest that anyone who isn’t a citizen should get government benefits to be unvaccinated but to pay for those benefits employees of companies have to be vaccinated is an abomination to medical freedom and bodily autonomy.