‘Terminal List’ Author Strikes Back at Woke Critics of Hit Series

“The Terminal List” is pure American entertainment that American critics just cannot stand. A deluge of scathing reviews by those offended by its lack of wokeness gave it a mere 40% score from critics on Rotten Tomatoes.

For audiences, the hordes of admirers is 94%.

With all the woke programming pouring out of networks and streaming services as well as on the big screen, surely the left will allow one traditional entertainment vehicle to go unscathed.

Not exactly. The Daily Beast called “The Terminal List” an “unhinged right-wing revenge fantasy.”

Their reasoning? According to author Jack Carr, the program that does not mention liberal or conservative, left or right, manages to offend anyway. All it takes is the flying of an American flag and a protagonist competent with weapons who holds those in power accountable.

Apparently, even with the flags mostly being draped over coffins, that’s not enough to placate the critics.

Carr said the show is not “woke” or “anti-woke,” but the lack of woke material rammed into it means it does not promote leftists’ agenda. So they hate it.

The series casts 43-year-old star Chris Pratt as Navy SEAL James Reece, and the numbers have been impressive. Since debuting on Amazon Prime July 1, it has been a huge hit for the “Guardians of the Galaxy” leading man.

In fact, only “Stranger Things” knocked “The Terminal List” to number two on streaming across all platforms, and it has logged an incredible 1.6 billion minutes of streaming.

It was the number one program on Prime Video over the July 4 holiday weekend.

And despite the lack of overt politics in the hit series, critics mercilessly savaged it as a political disaster. The Daily Beast added to its earlier review by decrying its appeal to “male red-state viewers” filled with references to “beer, guns, country music, and hunting.”

A reviewer on RogerEbert.com labeled it as an “alpha male cry for help.” Not satisfied with that critique, “The Terminal List” is “openly deranged.”

Of course, these are largely the same irrelevant folks who dismissed “Top Gun: Maverick” as pure jingoism. Neither that blockbuster nor Amazon Prime’s massive hit “The Terminal List” appear to be suffering due to not being woke.