Texas Border Communities Getting Eaten Alive By Illegal Immigration

Since Joe Biden got into the Oval Office, illegal immigration has gotten much worse. The rates of migrants coming across the border is surging under the current administration that is not disincentivizing unlawful entry.

Right now, the Biden administration is mulling over a policy that would let illegal immigrants get ID cards ahead of their release into the country.

This would make it not only easier for migrants to fly on planes and evade arrest, but photo IDs would also pave a potential path for them to cast ballots in US elections.

The White House has been repeatedly called upon to take action that will push back against illegal immigration. However, the administration isn’t budging. This leaves border states like Texas to suffer some of the worst harms as a result.

Hard Times For Texas Border Communities
Thus far, eight different counties have declared themselves as subject to an invasion from the southern border. The situation has gotten so far out of control that various Texas officials at the county level are invoking Article 1, Section 10 of the United States Constitution.

Many of the migrants coming across the border are blended in with cartels, human traffickers, and drug smugglers. This only further serves to add to crime rates at a time when lawlessness stands as a major issue.

That’s not to mention the current invasion being experienced by Texas border communities shows zero signs of dying down. If the Biden administration starts handing out IDs to illegal immigrants, he will only attract more migrants to the southern border.

The crisis at the border is so bad that border officials have stated they no longer have serious confidence in the Biden administration.

This lack of confidence also remains largely driven by the administration’s choice to punish Border Patrol members for the debunked allegations of them whipping Haitian migrants on horseback.

Fighting Back Against the Invasion
While the federal government allows illegal immigration to continue, Texas is taking action at the state level to push back.

Governor Greg Abbott (R), for instance, has begun having officials build a wall at the southern border. This comes on top of Texas border officials having illegal immigrants sent to Washington DC for the president and his ilk to personally deal with.

Ultimately, the governor of Texas maintains that despite current hardships, his state will continue to fight and never roll over.