Greg Abbott Proposes Energy Independence To Address The Biden Administration’s ‘Hope’ About Gas Prices

“There’s no reason to ‘Hope’ gas prices won’t reach $4, which it already has in parts of the US. Gas prices would go down if Biden stopped hindering the energy sector in America. There’s no reason to beg OPEC for more oil. Texas can produce it & make America energy independent.”

Beautiful words from Texas Governor Greg Abbott. The US doesn’t need oil from any other country if Biden would get his head out of the sand and use the resources that former President Donald Trump began. It’s proven that gas prices were at a substantial low point during the Trump administration when the US became more and more oil independent.

Biden doesn’t want that. Honestly, it shouldn’t be up to him. His entire administration should make decisions that make sense rather than go back to the old way of doing things.

Alaska would have given over 100,000 gallons per day if the Willow Project was allowed to continue. The fact that it and the cancellation of the Keystone XL Pipeline tell you everything you need to know about the Biden administration. There’s no concern for Americans, American jobs, American energy independence, and the most significant revelation you should gather is that there’s no concern for climate change. Regulations on oil production in the US are far better than in other countries where oil is produced.

Why is Biden begging a cartel for more oil? And, why can’t the US set prices for themselves by being oil independent? It’s puzzling to think about, but it makes total sense when you broaden the scope of Biden’s administration goal with world government. Biden’s previous foreign policy experience tells us that he, and his family, work with energy companies such as Burisma in Ukraine.

Energy prices shouldn’t change when a new politician is elected. There has to be stability in people’s lives. Otherwise, this back and forth will continue, and nobody will be able to thrive in the greatest country in the world.

Grandholm also said that OPEC wouldn’t increase what they were already pumping, leaving Biden with a choice. Let gas prices rise or let Americans do what we’ve done since the foundation of this country: progress. Governments can’t rule every part of our lives, and when they try, they often fail. The VA hospital and the Division of Motor Vehicles are prime examples of government work. They’re slow, and the VA generally pushes pills on veterans.