Texas Governor Greg Abbott Has A Brilliant Idea What President Joe Biden Has Failed To Implement

Restoring manufacturing to the United States is the most effective way to address supply chain issues, and Texas Governor Greg Abbott plans to do so. He wants Texas to become a semiconductor manufacturing hub.

Abbott told Fox Business, “Over the last one or two decades, this country made a mistake by outsourcing the manufacturing of all these essential supplies. Whatever the case may be, whether it is semiconductors or health care supplies that we required during the time of COVID, we must not rely on China or other countries for our essential needs for things like semiconductors.”

Wouldn’t that be a solution to the climate crisis as well? Politicians complain about the emissions from manufacturing various products, yet they outsource them to countries with fewer standards for production. It’s a lose-lose when you think about it. Oil, for example, is an excellent resource for the United States to produce, and you noticed the gas prices fell under former President Donald Trump when he made the US oil independent.

Would this move upset other countries? Maybe. But, it’s not about feelings and emotions (unless you ask the left). It’s about what’s suitable for the US moving forward. We cannot continue to rely on countries that are our literal enemies, such as China and the Middle East, to produce our most critical products. It’s not a viable option. This relocation would return jobs, supplies, and developments to where they should have been all along.

Abbott continued, “That is why Texas is leading the way, becoming the home of semiconductors that are used in everything people use.” It’s not just your iPhone, laptop, or whatever device you’re using. It’s also in all of these vehicles where manufacturing is taking place.”

This switch would have China sucking up to the US, not the other way around. Chinese companies would be sponsoring our sports rather than the US companies investing theirs. It’s genius.

Samsung plans to build a $17 billion factory in Taylor, Texas, to produce microchips. This move will give them the domestic ability and continue the US semiconductors stock. Why didn’t they build it in California? I believe you already know the answer.

All industries can advance with US manufacturing. Take clothing, for example. WBUR reported, “More than 95% of the clothing sold in the United States is imported from abroad, but recent data shows “Made in the USA” is trying to make a comeback.”

It’s more expensive, but for some, it’s worth it. ACal Apparel, owned and operated by Adam Calhoun, uses shirts, hoodies, etc. Those are made in the US and won’t use anything else. The only thing they can’t find that’s made in the US and of top quality are hats. Someone should get on that.