The America Of Joe Biden

President Joe Biden has created his utopia of socialist agendas and political mandates that take away personal choice and freedom. It’s not only a Constitutional right to express yourself, but it’s also human nature.

Naturally, humans want to be wild and free. Respect for others and conformity to laws and mandates are learned or complied with, but every person wants to find freedom. Biden treats the American people as if they can’t make their own choices and have to be told what to do.

With the Covid-19 vaccine mandates, Americans should always be able to make their own decisions. The data should speak for itself, and if you choose to get vaccinated, then good. If you don’t, then that’s your choice. Biden wants to control people and force them into government welfare by tanking the United States economy by massive spending and forcing people out of their jobs with ridiculous Covid-19 vaccine mandates. So far, many businesses, hospitals, and states have mandated the Covid-19 vaccines to the detriment of the employees and employers. Employers are finding it easier to fire people because testing is expensive. Suppose you have to test 30 people in your 100-employee business. Even at $5 a test, that’s a large amount of money to dedicate to that portion of the workforce. The courts will have to determine the legality of Biden’s mandates as they have before. It may be the 3rd time Biden violates the law.

Natural immunity has been left out of the conversation when referring to Covid-19 immunity, and even with the Covid-19 vaccines, immunity doesn’t exist. You can still get Covid-19 while vaccinated and still spread it and get hospitalized.

Plenty of schools have been pushing Critical Race Theory, which redefines the foundation of the United States and suggests that all institutions are racist against Black Americans. That’s ridiculous. Though the country has discrimination in the past, that’s not where we are today. Many arguments can be made that Democrat welfare states contribute to holding Black Americans and White Americans living in poverty behind and keeping them there. What you expect from society is what you can push them to achieve. If you continue to tell people that they should be given everything, then they’ll live that way and expect free things in return.

The infrastructure bill will place a millage tax on all vehicles in the United States and place every American in a tough spot when it comes to taxes. It’s no wonder that Biden and the left keep saying that the infrastructure bill will cost $0.

Vaccine passports are becoming a reality in New York City. The New York Governor is now the Covid-19 apostle and preaching to the Catholic church about God creating the vaccine, and everyone should take it. She feels Heaven will require a vaccine passport to get in. Otherwise, everyone can go to Hell with the other unvaccinated people.

It is what Biden and his administration have created, and they condemn everyone who questions their agenda. Why wouldn’t anyone question this ridiculous plan? Biden’s administration has to come together and stop trying to control every aspect of Americans’ lives.