The Americans Who Matter Are Against Vaccine Requirements

The Covid-19 vaccine mandates are legally and constitutionally questionable. The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans’ stay on the mandate shows that there’s a lot of questionable activity that President Joe Biden’s administration has been doing to America.

Not only has the mandates cost Americans their jobs, but it’s put key industries in question. The notable industry is healthcare. According to Forbes, New York fired over 30,000 people on October 4th. There’s no way New York will provide the same amount of healthcare as they have been with the mandates and firings in place, much less the rest of the country.

Now, the vaccine mandate will sweep across the nation and affect the supply chain issue with mandates for truck drivers.

Having to vaccinate 3.6 million people in the trucking industry will make the supply chain much more complex and provide Americans with a lack of products with an already fragile supply chain.

There’s something to say about personal medical choice and freedom. Americans are used to that. Though there are mandates for vaccines already, those vaccines are tested by time and are fully approved by the FDA, and they make sense due to the virus’s mortality rate. The Covid-19 virus has a 1.4% mortality rate according to recent numbers across all demographics.

The people who are most important to manufacturing the products that Americans use are targeted the most. It’s a full-blown attack of capitalism, and it’s ushering in a socialist takeover of production. There are going to be more mandates that will come down if the Democrats learn that they can enforce them. There’s nothing wrong with letting Americans choose for themselves.

Biden encourages businesses to push the vaccine mandates regardless of what the courts are saying, which goes back to the original “conspiracy” of this entire vaccine program being about compliance rather than health. It seems more of an experiment on Americans’ ability to push back against the government than Americans being protected from a virus.