The Arizona Department of Education is Facing Real Trouble

Over the past few years, there’s been a disturbing, yet growing, trend of young children being exposed to various elements that just aren’t appropriate for them. For example, in many schools around the nation, kids are receiving storytime lessons from drag queens.

That’s not to mention various left-wing agendas being saturated into students’ lesson plans. Despite objections from parents and other concerned Americans, the fight to let kids be kids continues.

As all this plays out, the Arizona Department of Education is now under fire. This comes as a result of the department directing LGBT minors to graphic content that isn’t age appropriate.

Legal Action Against Kathy Hoffman
Kathy Hoffman works as Arizona’s state superintendent of public instruction. On her watch, Breitbart News reported that LGBT teenagers were being exposed to chatrooms with sexually explicit content and even witchcraft.

To make matters worse, Hoffman’s oversight also involved helping these minors keep this chat room hidden from their parents, courtesy of pressing an escape button.

As a result of this, Hoffman is being sued in the Maricopa County Superior Court. Republican Tom Horne, who is running for Hoffman’s position in the Arizona Education Department, is now speaking out about this.

Horne warned that his left-wing opponent is dangerous and promoting a forum that provides sexual predators with exactly what they want.

The final slap in the face comes amid news of this chatroom being funded with the tax dollars of Arizona residents.

No Remorse from Hoffman
Despite the legal action being brought against the Arizona Department of Education official, she hasn’t shown a shred of remorse for what she’s exposing children to.

Instead, Hoffman is doubling down, claiming this chatroom is a positive resource for LGBT youth. She says this platform helps “build community” and even used her Twitter account to further promote it.

Americans across the nation have weighed in with the overwhelming conclusion that Hoffman shouldn’t be in an educational leadership role.

The aide’s lack of remorse for her actions is yet another disturbing factor that’s been discussed on social media.

It’s very clear that unless serious action is taken against Hoffman, she will continue what she’s doing. It’s very possible she may even escalate the inappropriate content that minors in Arizona are being exposed to.