The Atlantic Calls Out Biden Backers For Using Stutter as an Excuse

Recent remarks by Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) defending President Joe Biden’s debate performance have sparked controversy. Clyburn attributed Biden’s struggles to a stutter that has been used in the past for the president’s declining cognitive abilities, suggesting, “All of us know how stutterers operate.” This defense, echoed by many Biden supporters on social media, labels criticism as “extreme ableism.” However, The Atlantic, a progressive magazine, argues that this defense is “dishonest.”

According to The Atlantic, Biden’s issues during the debate extended far beyond his stutter. The publication points out that while stutterers may occasionally trip over words, they do not exhibit the broader cognitive issues Biden displayed. These included repeated freeze-ups, a vacant stare, and a frequent inability to present coherent thoughts—symptoms not associated with stuttering.

Biden’s stutter is typically characterized by repetitions or brief blocks on certain sounds. However, during the debate, his difficulties appeared more severe, indicating a potential decline in cognitive function. For instance, when addressing a question on the national debt, Biden’s response ended with the puzzling statement, “we finally beat Medicare,” without any apparent stuttering symptoms.

Critics argue that using stuttering as a defense for Biden’s communication failures not only misrepresents the disorder but also stigmatizes it. Stuttering affects speech patterns but does not account for the broader cognitive issues Biden exhibited. This raises questions about his mental fitness for office.

Concerns about Biden’s cognitive abilities have been growing, even among Democrats and media allies. Reports highlight his increasing thought lapses and reduced energy, which are consistent with aging but unrelated to stuttering. These issues are leading more people to question his capability to serve another term.

The Atlantic’s critique emphasizes that defending Biden’s performance by citing his stutter is misleading. It distracts from legitimate concerns about his cognitive health, which are becoming harder to ignore as he seeks re-election.

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