‘The Biden Administration Is Doomed’: Cruz Takes On Mayorkas And It’s Not Even A Competition

Ted Cruz (R-TX) is one of the country’s favorite senators to roast political opponents when questioning them. Cruz turns up the heat on Democrats and Republicans, and it’s fantastic to watch.

Cruz grilled Alejandro Mayorkas, Homeland Security Secretary, about the southern border under President Joe Biden.

He asked, “How many children have been in the Biden cages in the calendar year 2021?”

Mayorkas responded, “Uh, I respectfully am not familiar with the term cages and what you are referring to.”

Mayorkas, of course, knew what Cruz was referring to. Cages at the border were often referred to under former President Donald Trump as Democrats blasted him for putting children in them and claimed that it was a human rights issue. Then, when Biden took over, the situation got much worse. Not only have there been record border crossings, but Covid-19 has spread around the detention facilities.

Cruz replaced the term “cages” with “enclosures in which they are confined in, in which I took images and published them because you barred the press and didn’t want people to see the Biden cages, the safe facilities in which they are locked down in Donna Texas, those facilities.” How many children were there?”

Mayorkas again condemned cages’ usage, and Cruz asked him how many children were in the cages.

He wasn’t able to answer because the entire Biden administration is a bunch of idiots. Cruz then asked if Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris had been to the border, and Mayorkas did confirm Harris visited the border but was corrected on the location. Harris went to Del Rio, Texas, rather than the detention facility portion of the border, skipping the mess and taking the photo-op approach instead. Harris has yet to return to the border.

Cruz asked how many women were physically assaulted or trafficked and how many children had been physically assaulted crossing the border, and Mayorkas had no answer.

It’s not that Mayorkas should have a solid number on hand, but the federal government should have a cursory knowledge of a grave criminal activity that’s happening under their watch. The fact that they don’t is alarming. They also don’t know how many illegal aliens have had Covid-19 while crossing the border or how many murderers or physical abusers were released into the country. It’s disgusting.