The Biden Administration Is Fighting To Force Vaccinations On Service Members

Days ago, Joe Biden declared the COVID-19 pandemic is over. In spite of this, the president won’t live up to his own words and take actions that align with a post-pandemic America.

Right now, the American military is getting crushed on multiple fronts. Its recruitment rates are suffering big time and if something doesn’t change, the future of the military could be nonexistent.

On top of this, the Biden administration is standing by unscientific vaccine mandates. The Pentagon, for instance, is making soldiers jump through hoops to get exemptions from COVID-19 vaccine mandates. In many cases, exemption requests are being flatly denied.

At the rate things are going, yet another legal fight will be brewing pretty soon.

Getting to the Bottom of Exemption Denials
Many of the vaccine mandate request exemptions are being made on religious grounds. Yet, the Pentagon is still largely denying these requests. As a result, many Republican lawmakers are now questioning the reasons behind these denials.

Right now, the military is being accused of not going through the proper channels when considering exemption requests. This could potentially open up the Pentagon to legal issues from Republicans who worry about how soldiers are being treated.

Other GOP members are questioning why the military is still upholding a vaccine mandate even once the pandemic, in Biden’s own words, “is over.”

Of course, the White House’s defense from press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre argues that America is “still fighting” COVID-19.

The Truth About the Military Vaccine Mandate
Forcing soldiers to get the COVID-19 vaccine or lose their jobs is not about the health of individual servicemembers or even the collective military.

This is proven by the shots’ inability to stop vaccinated individuals from coming down with COVID-19, experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, or even getting others sick with the virus.

Instead, the vaccine mandate boils down to a power trip. It’s all about the Biden administration not wanting to bend or relinquish the control this mandate provides.

Sadly, America’s military and national security are ending up in the crosshairs. If this vaccine mandate isn’t done away with, then many more soldiers will end up losing their jobs. This also won’t inspire very many people of the future to sign up for service.