The Biden Administration Signals ‘It Is Prepared To Destroy’ Your Rights Until You Get Totally Inoculated

Democrats won’t let the Covid-19 vaccine mandates go. A federal court in Louisiana has already put a stay on the mandate.

The fight continues for freedom and liberty from medical tyranny. It’s not an easy fight, but the court system is seemingly working as it should.

While all of this happens, the United States Surgeon General Vivek Murthy spoke to ABC and said that President Joe Biden’s administration isn’t ruling out the possibility of Covid-19 vaccine mandates for small businesses with less than 100 employees.

When ABC asked Murthy if the mandate passes the legal challenges, would the administration push it on smaller businesses, he said, “Certainly nothing is off the table at this moment, but the focus right now is implementing the current rule that OSHA put out.”

Why would there be more control, you ask yourself? Because it’s not about health.

The 5th Circuit Court already said that “grave constitutional” questions needed to be answered and investigated with the current rule that isn’t even implemented yet. Hence, it seems that the administration is, yet again, hoping for a press release and compliance before there’s a ruling. It isn’t the first time Biden has pushed back on legal challenges, but it would be the first time he went against the court entirely.

The mandate will likely be struck down entirely, especially with the administration pushing for more mandates without the legal issue out of the way for the first one. You can’t just slap the court in the face and go against them. That’s a great way to have a lawsuit on your hands.

It seems like Biden has been talking to other world leaders and taking advice from them. They might not have the freedoms that U.S. citizens have. With Biden traveling and speaking to so many world leaders that rule over many different styles of government, they may be challenging his ability to control the citizens of the U.S. That’s purely speculation. Still, with Biden’s lawless behavior and cognitive decline, it can’t be ruled out.

The mandates are causing hundreds of thousands of people to lose their jobs, and there’s already a supply chain issue going on. Biden’s pushing the U.S. further down the rabbit hole, and we may not be able to get out for a very long time if he doesn’t back off.

From fuel to the vaccine, to the eviction moratorium, to the withdrawal from Afghanistan, Biden has proven that he doesn’t care about Americans and the struggles they have, nor does he care about the court system. Biden’s administration is the epitome of the lack of accountability in politics. There needs to be more done about this type of behavior, but politicians are getting used to getting away from everything.

The biggest concern should be the definition of vaccinated. It’s already changed once, so it will undoubtedly change again.