The Biden Family is Once Again Doing Damage Control

After the Biden administration settled into the White House, it vowed to uphold transparency. Yet, this is something that Joe Biden’s own family has failed to live up to.

There is nothing transparent about the multiple scandals the Biden family’s been linked to.

The coverage of the infamous Hunter Biden laptop wasn’t transparent; as a matter of fact, the media worked hard on Biden’s behalf to discredit reports of this laptop during the 2020 presidential election.

Only in recent months has the media begun to widely acknowledge the existence of Hunter’s laptop, along with the questionable content found on it.

However, amid the dark cloud of the laptop, a spotlight has now been turned to James Biden, Hunter’s uncle and the current president’s brother.

How Deep Does the Biden Rabbithole Go?
Emails tied to Hunter Biden have his uncle James directly in the thick of things. In fact, James’ involvement is so entrenched that he’s been branded as the fixer of the family’s business dealings.

To top it all off, ex-business partners associated with the president’s brother allege that he promised to weaponize the Biden family name for financial gain.

Of course, these same former business partners assert that James never made good on his promises.

To very little surprise, James Biden is denying all of these claims. The president’s brother told the Washington Post that he finds these allegations to be “insulting.” Later, James went on to claim he does his best to support and assist his family as any relative would.

James would then go on to reiterate that his only role in the family is being caring and protective in ways that are “ethical.”

Strong Skepticism of Biden’s Claims
Many Americans simply are not buying what James Biden claims to be true about the nature of his involvement with his family.

For one thing, Hunter benefited greatly from his father’s previous stint as vice president.

Hunter even used this to get himself onto the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian gas company. At the same time, emails confirm the very close business ties between both the first son and his uncle.

Therefore, for James Biden to claim he was this close to corruption, yet had zero hand in it is hard for many people to accept. This narrative is especially hard to trust, due to reports of the Chinese government sending the president’s brother multi-millions in financial wires.