The Chicago Mayor Has Unintentionally Exposed the Root Cause of Her City’s Problems

The city of Chicago, Illinois regularly makes the news, but not for good reasons. Virtually every weekend, the deeply leftist city is shaken by various violent crimes, many of which are committed with illegally-owned firearms.

Despite Chicago having some of the strictest gun laws in the United States, these laws still aren’t stopping criminals from getting their hands on illegal weapons and using them to further offend.

For quite some time, Democratic leaders have been going soft on crime, thereby putting their communities in very grave danger. This pattern persists to this very day.

Recent comments from Demographic Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot have ironically shown why the city has such a huge crime crisis, according to PJ Media.

Mayor Lightfoot’s Take on Crime in Chicago

During a recent town hall, Lightfoot stated a huge problem in her city is that its younger criminals feel unloved in the world. That’s not all, though.

The Chicago mayor further contributed to existing anti-police sentiment by saying the city can’t arrest itself out of lawlessness. Sadly, this mindset has led to left-wing officials across the country removing bail for criminals and letting them onto the streets shortly after arrests.

Later on, during the town hall, Lightfoot boasted about the modest decline in homicides and shootings in Chicago. What the mayor did not mention, though, is the reality that this decline directly tracks with the city increasing its number of police officers.

Also, Lightfoot failed to mention that crimes involving carjackings are on the rise in Chicago. There’s an argument to be made that crimes beyond homicides and shootings would decline if Chicago got a lot tougher on crime.

The Root Cause of Chicago’s Problems

At the end of the day, Chicago’s crime problems are rooted in the misguided idea that criminals need to be coddled.

This mindset is behind the idea that high bail fees are unfair since poor criminals are unable to pay them. Then, when criminals are let back onto the streets (thanks to low bail fees), innocent civilians are put in very real danger.

Unfortunately, soft-on-crime policies are not limited to Chicago alone. Many other cities across the United States have fallen into the trap of treating criminals with kid gloves and thinking this will make everything better.

Until Chicago and other left-wing cities in America start seriously cracking down on crime and acting in the best interests of public safety, many law-abiding people will continue to get hurt.