The Democrat Party’s Socialism Is Executed Outside Of The Borders Of The Country

The world is going a little bit crazy right now and everything is happening at random. Or is it? There’s always an agenda and there’s always foreknowledge of situations before decisions are made, so what’s the agenda of President Joe Biden’s administration? What are they thinking? What are their next moves?

There’s no doubt that Biden will import energy as long as he can for the future. Biden not only doesn’t want the energy industry to succeed, but he also wants to destroy the middle class. If Biden didn’t want to, why would he push for a COVID-19 vaccine mandate that wouldn’t have done anything to fight against COVID-19? Didn’t you see how many people lost their jobs? Now that gas prices are climbing, do you think Biden will do anything to fix it?

Remember, Biden didn’t do anything when gas prices were rising. Biden told Anderson Cooper, “And so, there’s a lot of negotiations that there’s a lot of Middle Eastern folks who want to talk to me” when he was talking about OPEC withholding gas supply in October of 2021, so just five months later and that’s fixed. Still, we’re also facing a new crisis? It’s always something with Biden. Creative destruction.

Noah Pollak outlined on Twitter what Biden’s rules are.

“Rule #1: get back into something that can be heralded as the Iran deal, no matter what. It is less a policy idea than a matter of Democratic honor refusing to admit the failure of Obama’s major foreign policy goal, repudiating Trump, etc.”

The Democrat party’s socialism isn’t constructed within the border of the United States because it can’t. The Democrat party’s socialism comes in outsourcing goods and resources where Americans can’t get ahead because they don’t have the capability. The Biden administration has failed at every step of the way.

Pollak also tweeted, “Rule #2: cripple domestic energy production. It is the foremost demand of the eco-activist base of the Dem party. No matter how much gas prices increase, the admin will not budge.”

Where do they think energy is going to come from? It’s either coming from the fuel pump or the coal plant. Electric vehicles seem great because the emissions aren’t being emitted in your neighborhood, but it’s going somewhere and if it’s coming from anywhere, then it’s going everywhere.

Just because emissions happen elsewhere doesn’t mean anyone accomplished anything. The regulations in the US are much stronger than elsewhere and to be greener, you have to produce them here. There’s no other choice. Well, there is, but you’re putting more carbon emissions into the air.

It’s the same reason you don’t have garbage dumps next to your home. If you can’t see it, then it doesn’t happen.

Pollak ended, “There are a lot of these inviolable policies in Dem politics today, signifying a weak party largely controlled by interest groups. They’re making Dems bad at governing, unable to respond to events w/ reasonable course corrections.”

It’s always a quick fix that gives no long-term solution. Ultimately, it means that we’re constantly trying to fix what a politician attempted to set to begin with. There’s no real solution. The only time there was a long-term solution to energy issues was, you guessed it, former President Donald Trump.