The DHS Has Issued A New Alert About “Domestic Violent Extremists”

Changing the goal post and changing the rules of the “game” can become much easier to win. You saw how Merrick Garland weaponized the Federal Bureau of Investigations to go after parents at school board meetings, and if they’re willing to do that, then there’s no length that they won’t go to make sure compliance is met.

Reviewing what Hawk Newsome said to New York Mayor-elect Eric Adams, you can see that there’s prejudice regarding charging and labeling domestic terrorism. What Newsome said was a direct violation of New York law defined as “Terrorist threats.” Newsome gave specifics for actions that can reasonably be carried out and explained violence in the threat.

This type of behavior is acceptable while parents at school boards are not. Newsome hasn’t been charged even days after the threat was made.

In a DHS National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin, Alejandro N. Mayorkas said, “DHS has renewed its commitment to work with our partners across every level of government, the private sector, and local communities to combat all forms of terrorism and targeted violence. We have also renewed our commitment to communicate with all American public often about the evolving threat landscape.”

It isn’t a new advisory. With the uptick in violence surrounding holidays, it’s normal for these warnings to be issued. The problem exists when the southern border has been left wide open, and now the Taliban controls Afghanistan. Both are significant threats that are new this year and new since President Joe Biden got elected.

Then, the issue of “White supremacy” has entered the countries’ minds and driven policy and political outcry. There’s not an actual threat of White supremacy because of the low number of actual White supremacists. It goes back to the goal post comment at the beginning. When you move it and redefine White supremacy and White nationalism, then it’s easier to target groups that were never White supremacists or White nationalists to begin with. Before 2021 it was unheard of to target school board meetings and allow Black Lives Matter and Antifa to destroy cities, but here we are. It was unheard of to allow a co-founding member of a terroristic organization like Black Lives Matter to make blanket threats against a city, but here we are.

Political dissent has created a country that gaslights every issue. Both sides have to make a point in their argument, so they blame the other for the extreme actions or perceptions of the opposing political debate. It’s dangerous to lead any voter base down this path, and if we can’t get back to facts, we’re doomed.