The Fate of the Supply Chain is Hanging in the Balance

For months on end now, the United States has been haunted by a supply chain riddled with clogs and delays. The White House has talked about the work it’s doing to bring about solutions to this problem; however, the supply chain is still in deep trouble.

One of the most obvious dangers of a clogged up supply chain is baby formula shortages. The White House claims parents should try to work around this by getting samples of formula from their pediatricians. Unfortunately, pediatricians don’t have samples to give.

As the supply chain crisis drags out, multiple infants across America are being admitted to hospitals because they can’t get the necessary formula.

While all these problems stem from a delayed supply chain, many people wonder when the supply chain will return to its former glory.

Sadly, the predictions on this matter are not good at all.

The Likely Future of the Supply Chain
FreightWaves is a company that manages trucking and other moving parts which impact the supply chain. Its CEO, Craig Fuller, is warning that everyone needs to buckle up for a supply chain that’s riddled with a series of problems in the foreseeable future.

On the FreightWaves website, Fuller explained that unrest on an international level is going to have ongoing impacts on the supply chain. Delays in other countries will ripple out and impact the United States.

The CEO also pointed out that reduced access to labor will hurt the supply chain as well. In Asia, for instance, the population is getting older, which is limiting the number of workers able to do jobs for cheap rates.

Radical environmentalism is another factor that will continue to gut the supply chain, per Fuller’s predictions. The CEO explained that regulations which crack down on pipelines and otherwise reduce production limit access to energy resources.

A Dark Forecast For America’s Future?
News that the supply chain is unlikely to return to normal doesn’t bode well for the United States.

Holdups with the supply chain come amid various forecasts of food shortages, a recession, and the rise of automation in jobs that typically went to human workers.

When Biden was elected, he vowed to “restore” the soul of the nation. Sadly, the nation continues to face one set of hardships after the next.

Recent polls show that over 80% of Americans believe the nation is on the wrong track. This troubling news about the future of the supply chain does not help matters whatsoever.