The Fight for the Supreme Court Is On

A constitutional lawyer, Keisha Toni Russell, has come out against Biden’s radical pick for the U.S. Supreme Court, Judge Ketanji Brown.

Russell testified on Thursday against the appointment of Judge Jackson to the highest court in the nation. Her opposition stems from Judge Jackson’s philosophy that includes the acceptance of critical race theory. Russell highlighted Jackson’s support for critical race theory, and noted that her beliefs would keep her from abiding by the U.S. Constitution that she would have to swear to uphold.

Russell fiercely opposed Jackson’s nomination, stating that, “she cannot uphold this oath if she believes that the Constitution and the principles of America’s foundation are racist…” She continued with the most pointed part of her statements, “neither can a judge remain impartial and administer justice independently if she holds a philosophy that correcting racism requires affording privileged classes less justice than oppressed classes.”

And Russel is 100% right. Why would the American people trust Jackson to uphold the Constitution — the job of a Supreme Court Justice — when she believes that the Constitution and the nation that gave it birth hold some kind of racial animosity toward her for the color of her skin?

And the race card is being played hard in Jackson’s favor, with Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) doing his best to conjure up tears in a faux emotional diatribe that reminded us all that we’ll be stuck with Spartacus in the Senate until at least 2026. But in his race-baiting soliloquy, Booker seemed to forget the most senior, and most respected — among conservatives — Justice currently sitting on the court, Justice Clarence Thomas.

Thomas, who is Black, must be having a conniption watching such a midwit glide through the nomination process due to fear of offending the Black community, when he, possibly the greatest legal mind in American history, suffered defamation and abuse in a horrific nomination proceeding that took every opportunity to ruin this judge’s life.

In the end, Russell came to the defense of the United States of America by bringing to the public’s attention the inherent contradictions that exist between Judge Jackson’s beliefs and the job for which she is applying. Let’s hope that Republicans can stand together against this terrible choice for America — though, with this bunch, it’s far more likely that Jackson passes with unanimous consent than have her nomination thwarted.