‘THE FIVE’ Astonished By Language Biden Admin Using On Taliban

Whoever thought the Taliban was going to be an inclusive and respectful government is an idiot. A terrorist organization will never be inclusive, and Sharia Law will never view women on the same playing field as men. The Taliban have theoretically locked women in the home and forced them to cover their bodies when in public. But the left is silent when it comes to women’s rights in the middle east because they can’t get abortions after six weeks in Texas and can complain about that without ridiculing President Joe Biden’s administration.

After leaving Americans behind after promising he wouldn’t, the Taliban are currently refusing to let Americans go on private planes that have been taking Americans out of Afghanistan, at least without something in return.

The Taliban saw how fragile Biden’s administration was when they altered the withdrawal date from September 11th, 2021 to August 31st, 2021, and are capitalizing on the Biden administration’s ability to screw things up. Obama said something similar when he said, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f*** things up.”

The Taliban are demanding cash, recognition, or commerce promises and are holding out for the United States response and will continue to do so until something happens. Of course, the Biden administration will roll out some agreement with the Taliban, and it would partly be warranted. Biden left Americans in Afghanistan, and it’s his job to get them out. The unfortunate part is that tax dollars are going to fund this terrorist organization’s money-making scheme. Do you think the Biden administration would have given the people who wanted to kidnap Governor Whitmer money in exchange for her release? I don’t think so. That’s not advocating for them, but treatment should be equal. Fierce, quick, and without mercy.

Planes have been sitting at the Kabul, Afghanistan airport for days, and nobody knows how long it will take to resolve the hostage situation. The Biden administration isn’t going to call it a hostage situation, but that’s what it is.

Biden has some decisions to make. Either forget Americans or give in to the Taliban. Lives should come first, but the fact remains that Biden should have never gotten the United States and its allies into this situation in the first place. So, where’s the accountability now? Is the left going to recognize this disaster, or are they ignoring this just like everything else? We know they’re going to exponentially cover this up like most other things and project unvaccinated Americans and the California recall as the most critical issues in America while Americans are stuck in Afghanistan.