The Left And Right Want General Merrick Garland Gone, But Not For The Same Reason

The left has now gotten on the “fire Attorney General Merrick Garland” train, but for far different reasons than the National School Board and calling parents domestic terrorists, which turned into Garland requesting the FBI to investigate parents, but because there haven’t been any charges against Republicans for the January 6 Capitol Riots.

Maybe, just maybe, it’s because nobody did anything wrong. The FBI has even said that there’s little to no evidence that the Capitol Riots were pre-planned. Nonetheless, Democrats want to throw Republicans arrested because of what a couple of hundred people did, and not even close to that many committed a crime on January 6. Most people who entered the Capitol just walked around and left. Others who damaged property should certainly be charged and convicted.

And, guess what? President Joe Biden is the president. This “insurrection” didn’t work out very well if it was even attempted.

Claire McCaskill, on MSNBC, said, “Any responsible leader would want to end the violence, not provoke it!” Is that why Vice President Kamala Harris visited Jacob Blake in the hospital when he went for a weapon in his vehicle while not listening to the police officer’s command and got shot? That didn’t provoke violence to continue? Do you think that Black Lives Matter and Antifa felt more or less empowered by that action? And McCaskill wants to talk about a responsible leader? Harris would have been more accountable if she had done nothing at all.

McCaskill continued, “That’s what he did that day, and that’s what this committee is going to lay out.” McCaskill then said that the January 6 Capitol Riots and Garland would either “rise to the occasion or go down in infamy as one of the worst attorney generals in this country’s history!”

The investigations and hearings on the January 6 Capitol Riots are just beginning. It would behoove the left to give the investigations time because Republicans already know that they’re not going to find anything, and if they do, it will be a small amount.

Adam Schiff (D-CA) has been known to doctor evidence in the first former President Donald Trump impeachment hearing, the transcript between Trump and Ukraine, and many other things. He did the same for Jim Jordan’s (R-OH) text messages. What reason would anyone have to even move forward with this investigation if Schiff isn’t even honest from the beginning? It would be better to find no evidence at all rather than doctored evidence.