The Left Is ‘Disintegrating’ And Conservatism ‘Embraces’ Anyone

There might be unity to spare amid the COVID-19 hypocrisy and anti-mandate and anti-lockdown viewpoints. It isn’t coming from the federal government but in the form of a former liberal New York Times opinion editor.

Every time the left goes after themselves because of their personal opinions or their change of heart on a single issue, they destroy their character. It’s not a move that’s sustainable moving forward. The left is not only losing their own, but they’re losing the support of those who they ostracize from the party.

Jim Acosta went after Bari Weiss over her newfound opinion of COVID-19 mandates, lockdowns, and the COVID-19 vaccine.

Weiss was on Real Time with Bill Maher and said, “I know that many of my liberal and progressive groups agree with me on this, but they are afraid to say it out loud for fear of being labeled as ‘anti-vax,’ ‘science denier,’ or a ‘Trumper.’”

With Weiss saying this, she automatically set herself up for attack, which is unfortunate. But, it’s so essential for people to express their views so that others have the opportunity to speak out as well. Then, there are the friends Weiss was speaking of, and she gave them a voice where they seem to feel unable to express themselves.

If you break it down by party, the Republicans are much more reasonable and accepting when agreeing with a Democrat on an issue. There’s an embrace that doesn’t happen with the Democrat party. Democrats tend to treat Republicans who agree with them on an issue like a disgrace to the entire country and their party. It gets turned against them very quickly.

Weiss also said that when people look back on the COVID-19 pandemic, they’re going to see the response as a “catastrophic moral crime.”

Acosta made sure to condemn Weiss on his show because any opposing opinion needs to be silenced as soon as possible.

Acosta said, “I’m done with that attitude, honestly. She needs to understand that trolling people to own the libs is not a sacrifice.”

The medical analyst, Dr. Jonathan Reiner, who Acosta was speaking with, said that Weiss was acting “like a child,” but the reality is that she’s just telling the truth. Not many people are willing to do that in the current political climate that we’re in.

Acosta said that the people who should be complaining are the burnt-out healthcare workers, but only if they’re vaccinated, right? If they aren’t, they can kick rocks because they aren’t worthy of caring for people regardless of their skill or expertise. It is why people aren’t listening to the left anymore.