The Left’s Most Shocking Horrible Mistakes

The United States has hit a low, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes when bad things go on for so long, they get to a point where they have to be enforced. It is what you see across the country. The left can’t hide their wrongdoings anymore, and they’re being put under severe scrutiny.

The most notable of the scandals is Cuomo’s. Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been forced out of office after several physical assault allegations against him came to light. The New York Attorney General Letitia James held a press conference with the investigation findings. James said that Cuomo broke the law and filed a criminal complaint against Cuomo.

The second Cuomo brother, Chris Cuomo, has been fired from CNN because he helped Andrew Cuomo with the investigation by using his journalistic resources to get information on the victims and how the investigation was going.

That brings us to CNN.

John Griffin, a staffer at CNN, was indicted on three counts of using a facility of interstate commerce to attempt to entice minors to engage in an unlawful lewd activity. Griffin paid the mother of a 9-year-old and 13-year-old to fly to Boston from Nevada so he could “train” the girls to be physically submissive to men. The mother and 9-year-old flew to Boston, and “at the house, the daughter was directed to engage in, and did engage in, unlawful lewd activity.” Griffin faces a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years in prison on each count. Hopefully, he gets the maximum sentence of life in prison.

If that wasn’t enough, Rick Saleeby, an executive producer with CNN, has been fired amidst allegations that he attempted to entice a former female companion and her daughter to have intercourse with him. At the time of the enticement, Saleeby had a fiancé with a teenage daughter that Saleeby spoke to the female companion about in great detail and was physically motivated, which led the former female companion to seek help to ensure the safety of the fiancé’s daughter.

COVID-19 has proven to be the left’s kryptonite because they can’t even figure it out. For those paying attention to the actual numbers rather than the suggestions by the news, politicians, and the “scientists,” you can see that there’s not an end. There will never be enough booster shots or lockdowns that will get the government out of your life at this point. You have to vote these people out of the office from this point on rather than expect change from within. It’s too late for most politicians that are already in office.