The Liberal Media’s Attempt to Defend Biden Has Backfired

At this point, the majority of the mainstream media might as well be a super PAC for the Democrat Party.

Mainstream media outlets like MSNBC, CNN, NBC News, ABC News, etc., don’t even pretend to cover the news in a fair and factual way. These outlets regularly run defense for Democrats, while doing everything they can to make Republicans look bad.

Biden is no exception to this; although, lately, some of the above-mentioned outlets have faced a harder time with spinning the truth to make him look good.

However, this isn’t stopping left-wing media outlets from trying. Days ago, John Harwood of CNN tried to absolve Biden of blame for the country’s many problems; yet, he only ended up making the president look even worse, as documented by Red State.

Breaking Down CNN’s Latest Defense of Biden

In a nutshell, Harwood’s defense of Biden claims that faulting the president for America’s problems is unfair because there’s not much he can do about it.

In an op-ed published by CNN, Harwood stated that Biden can’t prevent illegal immigrants from coming to the border or compel so-called “vaccine resisters” to get shots that can’t stop the infection or spread of COVID.

Harwood then proceeded to argue the president can’t stop “defectors” (aka moderate Democrats like Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ)) who have opposed the most radical elements of his agenda.

The op-ed proceeded to list a series of things that Biden supposedly can’t do that much about. Finally, Harwood’s article ended with him claiming that a “perfect storm” is currently facing the Democrat Party right now.

The Problem With Harwood’s Argument

When Harwood wrote this opinion piece for CNN, he was clearly trying to come to Biden’s rescue, amid the latter’s horrible poll numbers.

Yet, all Harwood really did was further confirm the views of people who consider Biden to be incompetent and ill-equipped to lead.

The reality is that if Biden actually enforced America’s immigration laws, this would greatly deter unlawful border crossers. Also, it’s worth noting that the role of the president isn’t to strong-arm anyone into getting a vaccine they don’t want.

The so-called “defectors” that Harwood referenced are moderate Democrats with enough sense to realize that no-limit expenditures will only ruin the economy. Biden actually could get moderates like Manchin and Sinema on his side if he were to lead as a moderate and not as a radical.

All in all, CNN’s argument about what Biden can’t do and can’t control is all the more reason why he should not be in office. At this time, America desperately needs a president who is capable and of sound mind.

Biden does not fall into either one of these categories.