Comrade Biden’s Soviet Dreams Are Coming True Too Quickly

Socialism doesn’t happen in a day, a week, or a year. It begins as an idea that transforms into a movement that enters politics and pushes agendas one by one until it’s too late to return to freedom. Nobody ever feels the effects of socialism until the political ideology is already in power. Means of production are seized from businesses, and government-run programs inhibit living without government interference. All protest of the socialist agenda is silenced, and the leaders and followers are jailed. Speech is regulated so that voices of opposition aren’t allowed.

In rolls President Joe Biden, taxing the rich, having the IRS investigate transactions in your bank account of $600 or more, and making Americans inject a substance in your body that isn’t even approved by the Federal Drug Administration, as if their approved products are safe and effective in the first place. Long-term studies of the Covid-19 vaccine aren’t available because it hasn’t been out for long enough. The virus that Biden is combating has an overall survival rate of 98.4% and as your age drops, so does your mortality rate when you contract Covid-19. Scientific data and opinions rest solely on the government because any outside data against the narrative is silenced. Healthcare workers are being fired at massive rates because they choose not to take the Covid-19 vaccine, and religious exemptions are denied as the government enters the business.

The first paragraph is hypothetical, and the second is reality. Some call it safety, and some call it tyranny, but the fact remains that both sections have more in common than most would like to admit. Biden has sat in politics for the majority of the time he’s been alive. His 47-year career has taught him nothing besides how to gain and hold power. His desire to control your life is unstoppable.

After months of virtual learning, schools have opened, and most children have to wear masks, aside from the fact that more children were shot in Chicago, Illinois, in 2021 than kids who died from Covid-19. The Federal Bureau of Investigations is now going to monitor school board meetings. That’s insane. Where was the FBI when rioters were burning down cities across the country in 2020? Where are they with Hunter Biden’s many crimes, including admitting to lying on a background check to purchase a firearm?

School boards should have an FBI sign-in sheet for parents to sign when they enter school board meetings to make it easier for the FBI to track them. With the FBI’s recent investigations, they’re probably undercover calling for violence at the school board meetings so they can make arrests. If you don’t get the reference, check it out at BuzzFeed.

What seems to be happening is that Biden will push more mandates in schools and wants to be prepared for the uprising that will ultimately take place. The public realizes that their freedoms don’t always land in the federal government’s hands, but institutions much lower that allow the federal government to enact any policy or mandate that they want to. Their inability to stand up for the public is what’s causing so much controversy.