The Morning Briefing: Frightening Question—Who Will Be Running Biden’s Brain?

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Biden’s Brain Is Vacant Real Estate and Up for Sale

Happy Monday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. I’ve had my feelings cryogenically frozen for the time being.

We’ve finally arrived at Regime Change Week and the 400-year-long election will soon be at an end. We hope.

The only thing that is certain going forward is that there is no middle ground when it comes to the way Americans view the future. One side seems to think the Republic is headed for a happier, calmer time. People like me think this once-great country is about to begin its death rattle. There’s a chasm here that isn’t going to be closed up any time soon.

The Biden nightmare administration is going to have a lot of moving parts. None of them, however, are going to be in the new president’s brain. We will all be keeping a close eye on the background players to try and figure out which one is pulling the strings of the drooling puppet POTUS.

Guessing who will be running Grandpa Gropes’ brain has turned into a political parlor game in recent weeks. We’ve all been making jokes about Biden’s need for a food taster whenever he’s dining with his vice president. There’s no doubt an element of truth to that. Kamala Harris hasn’t been very good at hiding her ambition these last several months and she’s probably already measuring the Oval Office for drapes.

Here in Morning Briefing Land, we’ve been discussing a tug-of-war between Harris and DOCTOR Jill Biden. Most of that was before Biden began recycling all of the worst of the Obama administration. My colleague Mike Miller wrote yesterday at RedState about some thoughts that former Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell had about one of those retreads;

“I think you need to watch Susan Rice very closely. She will be the shadow president. We have a president-elect in Joe Biden who clearly is not the Joe Biden of 10 years ago. He’s not even the Joe Biden of 5 years ago when it comes to policy issues.”

I will admit that the addition of Susan Rice to Team Biden was unnerving. Most of the swamp retreads Biden is surrounding himself with are so unremarkable that there isn’t much to worry about. Rice, however, wielded a lot of power during the Lightbringer years and knows how to work things behind the scenes better than Harris or DOCTOR Jill. Grenell is probably right about watching her.

Still, I think it’s Mrs. Biden who will be running the White House at first. I’ve thought that all along. Let’s be honest, it was most likely her ambition that got old Gropes to run this time around. Watching his mental decline play out so publicly was rough for even those of us who aren’t fans of his. That his wife gleefully put up with it would seem to indicate that her ambition is even more naked than that of her husband’s second in command.

Mrs. Biden’s private access to her husband shouldn’t be dismissed. There will be a lot of alone time when she can plant various seeds of freedom destruction in Joe’s empty head. Who knows how much of that might make it into policy? Remember, DOCTOR Jill is a member of the National Education Association, and I’m sure that collection of Satan spawn have a lot they’d like her to pass on.

One thing that shouldn’t be overlooked is the influence of Barack Obama. With the Biden administration being little more than Obama 2.0, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that President Momjeans could be crafting policy from afar.

One idea that no serious person would entertain is that Joe is going to be doing his own thinking. In the months leading up to the election and the months since, I have yet to hear one Democrat say something positive about Biden. It’s all just Trump-hate. They know Biden’s last brain cell left the station a long time ago.

This should be super fun. Pray that they don’t ban the sale of alcohol.