‘The Most Contradictory Tweets In One Day’: This User Deleted Tweets And Regrets It

You could say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but the reality is that a tweet is worth a thousand policies. Politicians are the worst on the internet because they will tweet one thing and then tweet something that is the complete opposite soon like people won’t notice. It’s insulting to the American people’s intelligence, but then again, it’s unclear how much intelligence some people have.

Amnesty International did this very thing. Amnesty International tweeted, “you have the right to life, You have the right to rest, You have the right to privacy You have the right to education You have the right to seek asylum. These and more are our fundamental human rights. Happy #HumanRightsDay.”

Interesting. Do the right to privacy and the right to asylum include the womb? A fetus should be private in the womb and seek asylum in the world when they’re born.

But no, Amnesty International went further and contradicted everything they had previously tweeted with a single picture:

If they believe that abortion is a human right, then that human just lost every other right that exists. There’s no life to give and no rights to respect at that point.

One user responded with, “When the right to life is the first right listed in the Declaration.”

Liberty and the pursuit of happiness are the next to go when you abort a child.

The most ironic part of both tweets is that they were posted on the same day. It isn’t a case of the following year’s tweet regret. It was intentional and unfortunate.

It is likely the backlash of the Supreme Court’s decision to allow challenges to the Texas Heartbeat Bill but still keep it in place. The constitution doesn’t outline abortion, so theoretically, it’s a state issue. If the Supreme Court rules on the issue, it will become a federal law. Keep a close eye on the decision because it will likely come sooner than later.