The Officer Who Arrested The Journalist For Following The Rittenhouse Jury Bus

A politician is only a government official until journalists pander to them, then they’re a walking propaganda machine. The modern journalist has been sucking at the tit of the Democrat party, and if you aren’t, you likely aren’t employed.

To suggest that the election was stolen by fraud has some substantiation. Still, the media and the so-called journalists biased to the Democrat party is “voter fraud” in the United States.

Take the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, for example. During the jury deliberations, an MSNBC journalist followed the jury bus and even ran a red light in an attempt to keep up and was ultimately pulled over and arrested. The officer is a hero in his own right for making sure that the jury was safe from being filmed or named.

It led to judge Bruce Schroeder kicking MSNBC out of the courtroom for the remainder of the trial. Journalists have a way of twisting the true story and playing on emotions to get viewers and readers to feel a certain way about a situation rather than hear the truth for what it is.

Regardless of how Americans feel, journalists would have defunded all of the police departments, and former President Donald Trump would be in prison or at least impeached a long time ago. Thankfully, we live in a political system that allows people to vote. Otherwise, the media and journalists would have twisted every narrative known to man for their benefit. We would be living in a Democrat eutopia of socialism, communism, etc., anarchy simultaneously. It would be a fiery but peaceful existence.

Ultimately, it’s the fault of culture. Not Black culture, White culture, or anything in between, but weak culture. Journalists cover stories like it’s the end of the world when it’s not. They’re a bunch of weak-minded individuals who genuinely believe they’re doing the right thing by demonizing Kyle Rittenhouse but doing very little to cover the Ghislaine Maxwell trial. Maxwell’s trial, and ultimate guilty verdict, should have been headline news every evening with details every day. The fact that it wasn’t telling you everything you need to know about the journalism we have to leave in the past.

And for the officer who arrested the journalist for following the jury bus, some heroes wear badges.