‘The Other Shoe Drops’: Biden Admin Announces Millions In Aid To Afghanistan

Antony Blinken testified to Congress and told them that Afghanistan funds were frozen and would remain frozen until the Taliban proved to play friendly with Afghans. That’s not true. Biden’s administration shouldn’t send any money to the Taliban at all.

Sending money to the Taliban for humanitarian aid would never make it to the Afghan citizens. Women and children have already been tortured and killed in Afghanistan, and Blinken has already complained about the Taliban’s lack of diversity in their leadership. Did Blinken think that the Taliban was going to place Christians and Jews in their leadership? The Qur’an spoke against religious diversity in Muslim societies, and the Taliban claim to be devout Muslims, so no, they aren’t going to include other religions and especially not women. The Qur’an also teaches that women are only half as smart and capable as men.

The Biden administration wants to spend $64 million on Afghanistan. Let that sink in. We’ve already left $84 billion of military equipment in Afghanistan, and the Chinese government will partner with the Taliban. They’ll surely give the ability for the Taliban to maintain that equipment. China has a significant stake in the Taliban taking over Afghanistan because they will use the Taliban to do their dirty work around the world while teaching the Taliban how to govern, or in China’s case, how to enslave their people.

The money will go through the United Nations and NGOs, but still. It is an unprecedented number to hand over to an organization that is still labeled as a terrorist.

It’s against federal law to fund terrorism. 18 U.S. Code 2339C – Prohibitions against the financing of terrorism says that there is a jurisdiction of the law if a person funds “a perpetrator is found outside the United States,” and several other circumstances. It’s clear as day that that’s what the Biden administration is suggesting.

Interestingly, the Biden administration now seems to care about Afghan citizens instead of while the U.S. military was withdrawing from Afghanistan. A drone strike hit a U.S. allies’ family. It killed them because the U.S. military leaders didn’t have the intelligence to determine who the person was and made a rash decision to strike when the opportunity presented itself. It is unspeakable and unacceptable. Biden’s entire administration should be impeached and fired because of this act. But people still think that Biden cares about Afghans.

Biden, Blinken, General Milley, and Secretary of Defense Austin should be held legally accountable for the action. Austin didn’t even bother showing up to testify with Blinken. It is what cowardice looks like.