The Prime Minister of France Isn’t Happy About Italy’s Election Outcome

In Italy, conservative Giorgia Meloni won the general election, setting her up to become the nation’s next prime minister.

Despite winning the election on values of nationalism, religious liberty, and putting the rights of the people first, various left-wing establishments throughout Europe aren’t happy. Meloni is already being smeared as “far-right,” as a fascist, and as a danger to Italy.

Nowhere in this do Meloni’s critics seem to be considering why people in Italy voted for her. Now, the Prime Minister of France, Elisabeth Borne, is weighing in with warnings of new action from the European Union.

Reviewing Statements From France’s Prime Minister
According to Borne, the European Union will be sure to keep an eye out for “human rights” violations and various restrictions that may be imposed upon abortion.

The prime minister of France claimed she wasn’t directly commenting on Italy’s election results. Regardless, everyone can see that Meloni’s win in Italy prompted these new statements.

Other members of the European Union have made it clear they have various tools at their disposal to push back on what they deem to be abuses of human rights. Ironically, these reactions from Borne and others come as Meloni’s warned about the threats of globalism.

Reaction From Meloni’s Allies
The statements from France’s prime minister and others with ties to the European Union haven’t been very well-received.

Leader Matteo Salvini, who is projected to work with Meloni during her tenure as prime minister, had some choice words for Borne. Salvini suggested the prime minister of France would be better off focusing on the rising costs of energy facing various European nations.

Later, the Meloni ally also made it clear that Italy won’t be intimidated by threats from the European Union. Salvini likewise announced that efforts to censure these remarks from Borne will be brought forward in parliament.

Outside of Italy, Meloni’s also gotten support from conservatives who respect and appreciate her values. This, too, is upsetting to various officials within the European Union.

Unfortunately, there is a real possibility of Borne and others like her trying to sabotage Meloni’s leadership of Italy. The nature of the comments from the prime minister of France should be recognized as a clear threat.