The Reason Why Americans Are ‘Still Stranded’ In Afghanistan Will Blow Your Mind

President Joe Biden’s decisions haven’t made much sense, and at the same time, it’s made perfect sense from his totalitarian idea of what a president should be. Biden isn’t a king, dictator, or supreme ruler of the United States, nor will he ever be. His bumbling antics cover for his constant power grabs with Covid-19 vaccine restrictions and “domestic terrorist” conservatives and makes him truly feel like he can do what he’s doing. When the Supreme Court said that the Center for Disease Control couldn’t extend the eviction moratorium, Biden turned to OSHA to do his bidding.

Antony Blinken, Secretary of State, said that the Taliban stopped Americans from leaving Kabul, Afghanistan. So, are they sitting on the runway because they enjoy the view? According to Glenn Beck, the State Department is stopping the planes from leaving. Is that because Biden’s administration wants to acknowledge the Taliban in the name of saving Americans? That’s what it seems.

Blinken acknowledged that the Taliban had upheld the U.S. rule that anyone leaving Afghanistan has to have travel documents, so good for them? It isn’t a step toward democracy in Afghanistan, and it’s a step toward lunacy. At no point should anyone trust the Taliban with anything, especially human life?

He also said that the State Department is in direct contact with the U.S. passport holders that want to leave Afghanistan, and if they’re going to leave, they’ll be able to do so. But again, that’s the U.S. government trusting the Taliban to use their moral compass to do the right thing. The problem is, their moral compass seems to be broken.

You don’t hear feminists chanting for the Taliban to be destroyed when they force women to cover their entire bodies and frequently rape women and children. The feminists are silent on issues that suppress women instead of focusing on the worst cases.

Blinken isn’t known for his significant decision-making and barred Cuban refugees from entering the United States, but he’s also been silent about the wide-open southern border. It is a clown world.

Citizens of the United States are sick of being played with. You can’t tell planes not to leave and then say that the Taliban allows them to leave, so you’re unsure why they aren’t.

These are the situations where Covid-19, political parties, and social agendas don’t matter. Everyone comes together as one and unites for a better tomorrow because of suffering today. When you can help someone, help them. Don’t cower behind diplomatic pressure. Step up and do the right thing. That’s why Biden was elected, right? To unify the country and do the right thing? Didn’t Biden keep uttering, “We can do it” on his campaign trail? Where is he now? He didn’t “do it.” He failed.