The ‘Snake Island Story’ Isn’t True As Many Other Stories Fall Apart In Ukraine

First of all, it’s fascinating that the same people who didn’t believe the mainstream media for the past two years all of a sudden trust news sources who pump information out about the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Pay attention to what you hear, what you believe and what you repeat because if you think that the mainstream media isn’t going to fabricate stories just like they did during COVID-19 and even to a greater extent, you’re out of your mind and you’re falling for the same things you did before.

A story circulated very quickly of 13 Ukrainian military members on an island that’s part of Ukraine called “Snake Island.” The stories told a heroic tale of the Ukrainian soldiers. They replied to the Russian military and said, “Russian warship, Go F*ck Themselves” when they were ordered to surrender or lose their lives. That was the mainstream version of the events taking place in Ukraine and the bravery of the Ukrainian military and people.

Are the Ukrainian people brave? Yes. But the coverage of the events isn’t accurate. Take former Miss Ukraine, for example. She was held as a hero for her country because she jumped in the fight. That was utterly inaccurate when it was discovered that her combat experience consisted of airsoft guns and pretending.

Then there’s the “questionable sexual” president of Ukraine that was supposedly taking up arms as well. It turns out that the former actor isn’t doing that either. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy wore high heels and sang boy band-style music several years back and the picture shown of Zelenskyy holding a rifle was several years old. That’s not to say that he’s not fighting, but why the smoke and mirrors? These easily debunked situations show the left and the right that nothing the media says can be taken to heart. Everything has to be fact-checked at this point.

The soldiers are alive and well. But that’s not surprising. The US government has to get you riled up about the conflict so that whatever they wish to proceed with will be taken well. It’s an information campaign directed at making sure you are informed with their information so that you don’t come up with your own opinion based on facts.

The Public Relations Service of the Naval Forces Commandments, Armed Forces of Ukraine reported, “Regarding the Marines and border guards kidnapped by Russian troops on Snake Island. We are delighted to discover that our boys are still alive and well with them! At the same time, the sailors bravely repulsed the Russian invaders’ attacks twice. They could not continue protecting the island due to BC’s marriage. As a result, the attackers ‘forgot’ to report that they had destroyed the island’s infrastructure, including the lighthouse, carnations and antennas. As a result, the connection with the Snake was severed. Attempts to contact the personal team and understand what happened to them were useless. And the Russian Federation’s constant shelling of warships and aviation made it impossible to assist the Marines.”

Most of these stories are too good to be accurate. However, the reality of the situation is that citizens of each country are falling victim to their own government’s wishes and it’s an unfair situation for everyone involved. Unfortunately, Biden’s administration hasn’t been able or willing to stop this conflict and that should be a sign that any option for taking him out of office should be utilized.