The Vice President in the Hot Seat Over COVID Precautions

The Biden administration has been one of the loudest voices insisting that everyone and their mother must follow the COVID-19 precautions deemed as acceptable by health officials.

However, there’s been a recurring theme of many officials (in and out of the Biden administration) pushing for strong COVID-19 mandates, but then not abiding by them.

In Georgia, Democrat Stacey Abrams has been a huge supporter of mask mandates. Yet, this did not stop her from forgoing a mask while ironically taking a photo with young school children who were all wearing masks.

Now, Vice President Kamala Harris is in a similar boat.

Double Standards and Hypocrisy
Very recently, news broke that Joe Biden has COVID-19. This positive virus test for the president comes in spite of him taking multiple COVID-19 vaccines and booster shots. Meanwhile, the White House is remaining tight-lipped about exactly how Biden got the virus.

As it turns out, the answer could very well lie within the recent behavior of the vice president. Recently, Harris has been seen breaking multiple COVID-19 rules by forgoing her face mask in close settings with other people during events.

However, the White House doesn’t want to talk about this either. When White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and White House COVID-19 rapid response director Dr. Ashish Jha were asked about Harris’ behavior, both parties were stunned.

Neither Jean-Pierre nor Jha were able to give a concrete answer. Instead, they simply froze in their tracks. Nevertheless, there is a very real possibility that if the vice president had the virus, she could have passed it along to Biden and others whom she came into contact with.

This certainly doesn’t mark the Biden administration’s first time struggling to answer for the behavior of its top officials.

No Deal on COVID-19 Restrictions Anymore?
Harris is far from the only official to forego the very same restrictions that she champions for everyday people to be forced to follow.

This is a major factor in overall exhaustion when it comes to any sort of COVID-19 mitigation efforts. Many people are ready to put the whole thing behind them and move forward with their lives.

Other Americans believe that if the vice president and other officials aren’t going to abide by the rules set in place concerning COVID-19, then neither should anyone else.