The White House Is Causing A National Security Crisis On The Border

As president of the United States, Joe Biden has a duty to uphold the law of the land. This is the most important responsibility of the executive branch. Yet, it’s one that Biden continues to ignore and fall short of.

The southern border’s current condition is one of the best examples. When Biden came into office, he essentially opened up the border by axing policies that kept illegal immigration at bay.

Now, thanks to the current president, illegal border crossings are higher than they’ve been in years. Because the federal government abdicated its role to enforce the country’s immigration laws, border states like Arizona are having to step up.

As this happens, the Biden administration is now interfering with states’ efforts to safeguard the border.

A Slap in the Face to Arizona
One huge attractor of illegal immigration happens to be massive gaps within the southern border. In order to fill these gaps, Arizona proactively began setting up various shipping crates in areas that need them.

The Biden administration reacted to this by accusing Arizona of breaching Indian reservations without the appropriate permissions. On top of this, the White House insisted in its letter to Arizona that Customs and Border Protection’s plans to seal certain gaps is being hurt by the state’s shipping crates.

This comes from the same administration that has spent nearly two years virtually ignoring border problems. Only when Republican governors in border states sent illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities did the White House start paying attention to the border.

States like Arizona and Texas have made it clear they’re done sitting around and waiting for the federal government to do its job. Before the shipping crate placements and even before migrants arriving in sanctuary cities, the Biden administration had every opportunity to get ahead of illegal immigration.

A States’ Issue
When the federal government refuses to secure the border, the issue becomes one that states, especially those on the border, have to take up.

The Biden administration claims it now has a plan to fill border gaps. However, the White House has been saying a variation of this for quite some time now.

Just last year, the vice president was supposed to be the border czar to fix the problem of illegal crossings. That led to absolutely no progress on the border.

At this point, if the White House continues to ignore the border crisis and sabotage states’ efforts to stop illegal immigration, no American will be safe.