The White House Press Secretary Slips Up Again

As the illegal immigration crisis holds national attention, the Biden administration is twisting itself into a pretzel amid trying to explain everything away.

The White House has joined in on criticizing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) for giving migrants a free lift to sanctuary cities. Yet, Biden had no problem with dispatching these folks to Jacksonville, Florida and other mostly right-leaning communities.

For a while, the Biden administration enjoyed the luxury of pretending as if no issues exist on the southern border. Though amid Democratic mayors calling for the federal government to help them with migrants arrivals from border states, the White House now has to face reality.

Unfortunately for Biden, the more his team tries to justify things, the worse it becomes for them.

Jean-Pierre Slips Up
Not too long ago, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was questioned about why the administration opposes DeSantis giving migrants free transportation to communities when the administration itself has done this.

The press secretary responded by saying the White House is “offering solutions.” After claiming the White House has been doing this “since day one,” Jean-Pierre stated immigration policies are being put in place to handle problems at the southern border.

This response led to a lot of questions, with mixed interpretations of what the press secretary meant to say. Some Americans said Jean-Pierre accidentally let it slip that the White House believes transporting migrants to various cities is a solution (so long as Republicans don’t do it).

Others said the press secretary completely missed the question. Either way, there was no clear explanation given as to why Republican governors shouldn’t transport migrants while the White House is free to do this.

GOP governors have been clear that until the southern border is secure, they will continue moving illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities.

Hypocrisy on Full Display
Whether Jean-Pierre meant to or not, she did expose the hypocrisy of the White House when it comes to giving migrants transportation to cities across the United States.

If Democrats truly believed this was an act of kidnapping or human trafficking, they wouldn’t have only just begun to make these claims once Republicans were the ones providing transportation.

DeSantis recently called out the White House and other Democrats for their phony outrage and contributions to the border crisis. On top of historic migrant crossings are increased rates of drugs pouring across the border, along with dead bodies often found in the Rio Grande River.