Thousands Of Illegal Aliens Stage Protest Across Mexico

A group of more than 3,000 illegal aliens organized a protest march on Sunday, starting in southern Mexico and planning to travel north to the U.S.-Mexico border.

Politico reports that the purpose of the march is to protest against illegal alien detention centers, especially after one caught fire last month — leading to the deaths of roughly 40 illegal aliens. The mob of illegal aliens began their march in Tapachula near the border of Guatemala and are now headed toward Mexico City — where they will demand that the government end the use of detention centers for people who illegally cross the border to take advantage of the United States’ lax border security under the Biden administration.

“It could well have been any of us. In fact, a lot of our countrymen died. The only thing we are asking for is justice, and to be treated like anyone else,” said one Salvadoran illegal, ignoring the fact that they don’t have any right to be treated like anyone else — because they break the law.

Meanwhile, many are pointing out that the “protest march” is probably just a cover for the mob of illegal aliens to cross the U.S.-Mexico border. Within the mob are illegal aliens from Cuba, Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador, among several other countries.

The Mexican government is attempting to stem the flow of illegal aliens, using tactics including strict paperwork requirements and highway checkpoints in Tapachula in an effort to dissuade the illegals from continuing their march.

Irineo Mujica, one of the protest organizers, claims that the illegal aliens’ goal is to force the Mexican government to completely eliminate its immigration agency.

Ever since President Joe Biden took office in January 2021, these large mobs of illegal aliens heading to the border have become more common — which critics say is likely a response to Biden campaigning on a promise to essentially open the border and provide amnesty to millions of illegal aliens inside the United States. He also campaigned on providing taxpayer-funded benefits for illegals, including free healthcare, housing and education.

Despite the illegal alien protesters’ claims, the detention facility fire in Ciudad Juarez on March 27 was started by one of the illegal alien detainees — who set his foam mattress on fire in protest of being transferred. The fire destroyed the entire facility and killed 40 illegals, and the Venezuelan illegal alien who started the fire is now being charged with homicide.

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