Top Dem Rep Just Caught On Camera Doing Something “Cruel”

To push the “control” narrative even further and prove that the Covid-19 pandemic isn’t about personal health but instead forcing Americans to follow orders, another Democrat falls under the pressure of violating their mandates and suggestions.  

Representative Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) dared to take off her mask and celebrate her birthday by enjoying the free fresh air that nature provides. Jayapal believes that if you wear a mask and get vaccinated, you save lives. Her mask-less face shows what she thinks about Covid-19. She thinks it’s an absolute joke.  

Also, Democrats everywhere force others to wear a mask whenever they don’t think you’re dumb. They believe that their moral hierarchy is more remarkable than yours and that their authority is above yours. Remember that during elections.  

Jayapal has tweeted, “wear a mask, get your shot, protect your community, save lives” in the past, but that tweet has lost its luster since it was initially posted.  

Not only was Jayapal seen without a mask, but nobody had one on. The birthday party must have been a “Covid-19-free” zone because nobody seemed to care if they “protected their community” or “saved lives” during the birthday party.  

Another tweet from Jayapal says, “When this pandemic started, we watched older Americans die as Trump and Covid-deniers fought mask mandates & social distancing. Now we watch younger Americans die, and GOP Governors & deniers fight vaccination & mask mandates.”  

Jayapal says this as if mask mandates and social distancing every work. The Covid-19 pandemic continued over 2020 regardless of how far people stayed away from others and no matter how many masks were worn. Now, Democrats want to push it further with vaccine and mask mandates. Masks didn’t work, and the Covid-19 didn’t stop the spread of Covid-19 or infection rates. Democrats are losing their credibility by continuing to push the bar further and further.  

The fact remains that politicians can make decisions for their health, but others can’t because they can’t be trusted. They have to have a much brighter government tell them what to do. It’s not enough that Americans have medical freedom. The government must give you orders on how you can take care of yourself. It’s all ridiculous.  

If Jayapal hadn’t pushed masks and vaccines so much, then her mask-less birthday party wouldn’t be an issue, but that’s not the picture Jayapal has painted.